Hirsh Health Sciences Library

As students on the Tufts Health Sciences Campus, physician assistant students have access to the Hirsh Health Sciences Library. Here they have access to nearly 1,000 print journals and 2,000 electronic journals, books, study rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, computer labs, and a cafe.

The Hirsh Health Sciences library provides a common area for all members of the Health Sciences Campus, including professionals working at Tufts Medical Center. A trip to the café at lunchtime illustrates the interprofessional collaboration present on campus as members of the physician assistant, medical, nutrition, dental, and public health programs eat, study, relax, and collaborate.

In addition to its wealth of journals and books, the library offers many services to students. A few of its services include computer support, laptop loans, wireless computing, and online course management through TUSK (Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase).

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Are You Qualified?

A pen filling out a survey.

Before applying, an applicant must meet non-academic, or "technical" standards, the essential functions that an applicant must be able to perform in order to be admitted to the PA Program, to progress satisfactorily, and to graduate. They must also meet academic prerequisites such as course work, patient care and tests.