Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Center (CSSC) is a state-of-the-art facility where students can gain hands on experience with new procedures before attempting them on a real patient. The 9,000-square-foot facility features three simulation rooms equipped with computerized mannequins. These mannequins are  designed to model real patients as closely as possible and display symptoms and distress the same way humans do including sweating, changes in heart rate, coughing, etc.  

In the CSSC, students are given a myriad of mock situations. They treat robotic patients, critic themselves and identify areas in need of improvement. They do simulated cases that mimic actual clinical scenarios from common to rare. It helps to link classroom training with the clinical experience in a safe environment. Before students are sent out to save real people’s lives, they are given the opportunity to practice in an environment designed to enhance patient safety and quality of care.

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Are You Qualified?

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Before applying, an applicant must meet non-academic, or "technical" standards, the essential functions that an applicant must be able to perform in order to be admitted to the PA Program, to progress satisfactorily, and to graduate. They must also meet academic prerequisites such as course work, patient care and tests.