The Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) Physician Assistant Program office is located in Biomedical Research & Public Health Building located at 136 Harrison Avenue, on the 2nd floor of the M&V building. The office is open 8:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday, and is home to the Program Director, Program Manager, Medical Director, Director of Didactic Education, Director of Clinical Education, and other principal faculty. It is the primary resource for PA students to review exams, meet with principal faculty and advisors, drop off administrative paperwork, and much more.

Physician Assistant (PA) students are also provided with a PA-specific locker room, and a guaranteed locker for their first year in the program with the option to request one for their second year as well. The locker room has a refrigerator and microwave for student use.

There are a variety of study and meeting spaces available specifically to PA students, including the conference room in the PA office, and 4 large study rooms with whiteboards on the 2nd floor of the M&V building.

Additionally, PA students are afforded the amenities provided to other TUSM students, including those available to the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs (PHPD).

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Are You Qualified?

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Before applying, an applicant must meet non-academic, or "technical" standards, the essential functions that an applicant must be able to perform in order to be admitted to the PA Program, to progress satisfactorily, and to graduate. They must also meet academic prerequisites such as course work, patient care and tests.