Pain Research, Education and Policy Program

Daniel Carr Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine

Daniel B. Carr, MD, FABPM, FFPMANZCA (Hon.)
Director, Program in Pain Research, Education and Policy

Four PREP Course in a Blended Onsite/Online Format for Spring 2014l!

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“Improving the world of pain, one student at a time.”


Meet the Needs of Those Suffering from Pain

Tufts’ Pain Research, Education, and Policy (PREP) program trains students to become expert pain leaders. Pain leaders are those who are prepared to meet the many diverse needs of people suffering from pain. PREP believes that access to pain treatment is a fundamental human right, and our program is tailored to those seeking to shape public health policy to uphold this right.  PREP empowers professionals to innovate their practices and institutions to comply with emerging standards of pain assessment and treatment.

Become a Pain Leader 

PREP is the first and only multidisciplinary postgraduate pain curriculum offered in the United States, and the only pain education program in the world based in a public health department. The program caters to those with professional experience, but neither prior knowledge nor experience with pain is requisite for admission. Our integrative approach provides students with targeted knowledge and practical skills critical for confronting the challenges and complexities of acute, cancer-related, and persistent pain. We enroll physician assistants, nurses, dentists, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists, researchers, holistic health practitioners, mental health clinicians, health policy advocates, allied health professionals, among others.

The MS-PREP Degree and C-PREP Certiļ¬cate Programs 

Our unique 5-credit Certificate of Advanced Study in Pain Topics (C-PREP) and 11-credit Master of Science in Pain Research, Education and Policy (MS-PREP) programs offer unmatched opportunities to study with esteemed and professionally diverse faculty and clinician. Our curriculum addresses topics such as the ethical and sociocultural aspects of pain, palliative care, end of life issues, public policy, legislative issues, communication, research methods, and advocacy, along with clinical issues and the neurochemistry of pain. Afternoon, evening, and select blended learning classes allow students to pursue studies without interrupting their careers.

Daniel B. Carr, MD, FABPM, FFPMANZCA (Hon.)
Director, Program in Pain Research, Education and Policy

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PREP Blended Learning
On-site weekend plus online sessions

Take courses toward a degree, for a certificate or to expand your pain knowledge

Certificate Program

Masters of Science Program

Full/part time status available
Non-matriculated students welcome
Onsite classes held late afternoons/early evenings
Rolling admissions policy

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 PREP Events
Recent Lectures:

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Judy Foreman:   Healing our Biggest Health Problem

Scott Fishman:  Interprofessional education for clinicians managing pain

Melanie Thernstrom: "The Pain Chronicles"

Mac Gallagher: VA Administration pain program 

Henrik Kehlet: Fast-track surgery

Neil Schecter: Pediatric pain issues and "ChildKind"

Yoram Shir: Dietary-induced analgesia