Our Students

Graduation photo of PREP students Holly Roche, Kai Yan Hsu, Carol Krieger, Pam Ressler and Ian Koebneck holding diplomas

Graduating PREP Students

Our master's and certificate programs are designed to meet the needs of highly motivated individuals interested in becoming health care leaders and advocates through developing advanced skills and credentials in the burgeoning areas related to the broad field of pain.

The program enrolls health providers including:

  • nurses
  • physicians
  • dentists
  • physical therapists
  • nurse practitioners
  • physician’s assistants
  • pharmacists
  • researchers
  • holistic health practitioners
  • occupational therapists
  • massage therapists
  • social workers
  • hospice worker
  • health policy advocates
  • and other professionals

New and recent college grads with the maturity to enter a graduate program are also accepted. Individuals’ work or personal experiences with pain are valued, but prior knowledge or specific experience with pain is not required.

We are proud to have an international student body of both full-time and part-time students. The program also meets the needs of working professionals.

Questions?  Go to our FAQ page or send an email.