Pain is an enormous public health burden upon society, healthcare systems, families and individuals.  Pain science has progressed dramatically in the past decade but significant gaps persist in understanding and providing optimal pain prevention and treatment. Through the PREP program, prominent pain educators provide students with the skills and knowledge to become leaders in health care. Our curriculum meets existing criteria for core knowledge (e.g., as set forth by the International Association for the Study of Pain). In addition, we provide a broad public health perspective. We offer coursework and Capstone Project experiences that go beyond strictly biomedical information and include epidemiology and biostatistics, systems change, ethics, advocacy, socio-cultural aspects and education – topics all crucially important for making a difference in individuals’ quality of life.

We welcome your involvement in this emerging global effort to improve health systems impacting pain and people’s lives through our cutting edge programs. View the MS-PREP brochure.


Example of core courses in a student’s schedule.  Courses can be arranged and taken in other combinations. This 8.5-credit example may be modified by adding/removing electives to be either full-time (> 3 credits a semester) or part-time (≤ 2 credits a semester). [Less than half-time is defined as < 1.5 credits a semester.] 

Year 1

Year 2







PREP 230 Blended Neuroanatomy, Neurochemistry & Pharmacology of Pain  1 credit

*HCOM 504 Introduction to Medicine  1 credit

HCOM 502 Epidemiology-Biostatistics: Reading & Interpreting the Medical Literature  1 credit

PREP 234 Blended Clinical Pain Problems   1 credit

PREP 240 Blended Complementary & Integrative Medicine 0.5 credits

PREP 233 Blended Palliative Care & End-of-Life Issues  1 credit

PREP 235 Public Policy,  Legislative, & Forensic Issues   1 credit

PREP 251 Capstone Project Planning 0.5 credits

PREP 236 Principles of Change & Education  0.5 credits

PREP 238 Evaluation & Treatment of Pain: Psychological Approached 0.5 credits

PREP 252 Capstone Project Implementation  0.5  credits

PREP 232 Blended Ethical & Sociocultural Aspects of Pain 1 credit

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