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PREP Faculty members including Libby Bradshaw, Pam Ressler, Richard Glickman-Simon and others seated at a table.

PREP offers interdisciplinary, postgraduate pain education programs, giving students flexible options for earning pain-related degrees: the Masters of Science in Pain Research, Education, and Policy; the Certificate of Advanced Study in Pain Topics; and the Joint Program in Pain Management with the New England School of Acupuncture.

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Ewan McNicol, MPH01, Tufts Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

"PREP approaches pain as a public health problem. It's not just about treating individual patients; it's about looking at the whole topic of pain from a global perspective."

Ewan McNicol, RPh, MS

20% tuition discount available on all Pain Research, Education and Policy courses for all Tufts School of Medicine Clinical Teaching Affiliate employees!
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