Ylisabyth Bradshaw DO, MS

Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, Libby Bradshaw, DO, wearing blue shirt


tel: 617-636-6946

Academic/Research Interests
Patient-Provider Interactions/Dr-Pt Communication
Health Communication/Behavioral Change/Medication Adherence
Pain and Experience of Illness
Medical Education/Disability/Empathy
Resistance to Change/Organizational Development
Primary Care Workforce/Access to Care
Family Violence/Injury Control
Interface: Medicine and Public Health

Recent Publications/Presentations
Bradshaw YS, Duggan AP, Altman W.Seeing the Whole Pie: Do Medical Students See Pain as a Biomedical and/or a Psychosocial Problem When Interviewing a Standardized Patient Educator with Disability Acting in the Role of a Patient with Repetitive Strain Injury? Poster Presentation. 13th World Congress, International Association for the Study of Pain, Montreal, Quebec Canada. August 29 - September 2,2010

Duggan A, Bradshaw YS, Swergold N, Altman W, Chanatry K, Coburn C, Carroll S, Dunn M, Francoeur A, Glass J, Weintraub S, Weismann H, Zioto K. When Rapport-Building Goes Beyond Encouragement: Communication Over-Accommodation toward Patients with Disabilities. Presented to the Eastern Communication Association annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA, April 2009.