Daniel B. Carr, MD, FABPM, FFPMANZCA (Hon.)

Dan Carr faculty member ms prep

Dr. Carr is one of the founders of the PREP programs. He is Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, Anesthesiology, Medicine and Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology.

Academic/Research Interests
Development of novel analgesic medications
Assessment of pain-related outcomes and evidence
Pain education

Recent Publications/Presentations
Wittink HM, Carr DB (eds). Pain Management:Evidence, Outcomes and Quality of Life. St. Louis, MO:Elsevier; 2008

Cousins MJ, Carr DB. Foreword. In:Macintyre PE, Schug SA, Scott DA, Visser EJ, Walker SM; Working Group of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Pain Medicine. Acute Pain Management:Scientific,
Evidence, 3rd ed.ANZCA & FPM, Melbourne, 2010.

Carr DB, Lanier RK. Ketamine Intranasal. In:Sinatra R and Jahr J (eds). The Essence of Analgesia and Analgesics. Cambridge University Press. [In press]