Joint MS with the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA)

The art and science of managing pain

NESA's Pain Management (PM) track produces broad-minded, highly sophisticated pain management professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of both Eastern and Western approaches to pain.

The PM track combines extensive coursework at TUSM with the rigorous NESA core curriculum. It provides students with the expertise needed to effectively practice alongside conventional providers in allopathic medical environments.

Full-time students complete PM program requirements for graduation in a minimum of 33 months and earn a Master’s in Acupuncture (MAOM) from NESA and a Master’s of Science in Pain Research, Education and Policy from TUSM.

NESA students may also choose to enroll in the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pain Topics. The Pain Certificate Program allows enrollees to choose one of the available topic areas: Education, Policy or Research. Five credits of coursework are required (3 credits of core courses and 2 credits of electives).

Students enrolled in other NESA programs may also enroll in the MS-PREP program. For these programs, the required number of NESA credits will be higher than the PM track but the TUSM credit requirement is the same.