James Krasnow

Name: James Krasnow, BS,RPh, Certificate of Advanced Studies (PREP)
Year of Graduation: 2008

Describe the impact in your life, professionally or personally, after receiving the Certificate of Advanced Study in Pain Topics (C-PREP)?
Professionally it was like going from a Volkswagen to a Maserati. I had dealt with pain in my profession from a basic level but I was propelled to a far higher level learning which revealed that different societies and classes of people require different skill sets in order to treat the pain. Having gained the knowledge I needed, I now service three hospices and run the pain program for a 600- patient visiting nurse group and do a talk radio show bi-monthly on pain.

Did your choosing Tufts require a move to Boston?

Did you come to one of the PREP programs right out of an undergraduate setting or a work setting or some other path?
I had been working full time as a pharmacist.

What factors did you consider in deciding whether to do PREP as a full time approach or a part-time approach?
Because I was still working full time, and considering the cost, this limited me to part-time study.

How feasible did your approach to the program turn out to be?
It was wonderful; the other students and faculty made it such a great pleasure. It fell right into place with all my other activities.

Is there any additional information that you would like to share with prospective students?
If the health field is what you are thinking about, and if you are in it now, working on the reduction of pain to me is as meaningful as trying to find the cure for the worst disease.