Amanda Bernius

Name: Amanda L. Bernius, BS, M.Ac., MS-PREP
Year of Graduation: 2010

Describe the impact in your life, professionally or personally, after receiving the Masters in Pain Research, Education and Policy (PREP)?
Receiving my MS-PREP definitely changed my outlook on pain management. I see how pain patients are inadequately educated, treated and represented in many situations. I am currently looking at ways to work with our local hospital to develop programs for either policy work or patient education.

Did your choosing Tufts require a move to Boston?
Yes, my choosing did require a move to Tufts mainly because I was taking classes at both The New England School of Acupuncture and Tufts Medical School which left me with both day and night classes. As classes slowed down and my schedule became more compacted, I lived in Boston part-time and only stayed during the week and went home to New Hampshire on the weekends.

Did you come to one of the PREP programs right out of an undergraduate setting or a work setting or some other path?
I took one year off between my undergraduate program and my graduate program. My main driver was that I was pursing my acupuncture education and upon acceptance into New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) was told about the (then) newly developed program with Tufts. I decided immediately to do the joint program as I saw this joint program as only furthering my career.

What factors did you consider in deciding whether to do PREP as a full time approach or a part time approach?
My decision ended up being based more on the amount of financial aid I received and how I would pay for my classes more than anything. The optimal would have been to be full-time, but things worked out financially for me to do the program part-time.

Is there any additional information that you would like to share with prospective students?
This program was the best thing that happened to me. I am confident that this master's degree will positively influence my career. Tufts was exactly was I thought graduate school would be. My professors were the best of the best and I was treated like an adult and a professional. I have never enjoyed classes more than when I was at Tufts. If it wasn't for the two hour commute and more student loans - I'd go back to school there!