Alumni Profiles

PREP students Mayanka Tickoo, Tracy Revett, Brad Christopher, Diane Felci, and Kathleen Kelleher standing facing the camera after capstone presentation.

Employability of our news graduates has been enviable. One of our first graduates provides pain expertise for women through a well-known hospital in her native Middle Eastern country. Another has a position with a world-famous consulting agency in health outcomes research, to extend their work on pain and outcomes research. Another specializes in pain issues in a hospital pharmacy context and is involved in systematic reviews of drug efficacy and effectiveness.  Others serve as principal pain resource nurses in a major university teaching hospital, and a new Veterans Administration pain treatment clinic.

These alumni were once faced with the same decisions potential applicants are looking to make. They, too, wondered;

  • What background do students have when entering the Tufts PREP program?
  • What type of career does someone with an MS in Pain Research, Education & Policy have?
  • How do I complete my degree and manage work and/or family commitments?
  • Is the Tufts PREP program right for me?

We hope the following profiles will help give you a sense of what it is like to be a Tufts PREP student.