Pain Research, Education and Policy Program

A Public Health Approach to Preparing Tomorrow's Pain Leaders

Help Those Suffering from Pain
Access to pain management has emerged as a fundamental human right advocated by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. As a public health issue, chronic pain places a significant burden on the health care system. However, many health care providers feel inadequately prepared to assess and manage pain.

Become a Pain Leader
Tufts' Pain Research, Education, and Policy (PREP) program is the first and only multidisciplinary postgraduate pain curriculum of its kind in the United States. Our diverse curriculum includes the neurobiology of pain, ethical and sociocultural aspects of pain, palliative care and end of life, clinical issues, and the pharmacology of pain. Based in a department of public health, we also address research methods, public policy and legislation, and advocacy and communication. Our interprofessional approach provides students with the sophisticated knowledge and practical skills necessary to take on the challenges and complexities of pain.

Join Our Flexible Programs
Our students come from a broad cross-section of fields. PREP offers multiple educational opportunities for students interested in the study of pain: an MS in Pain Research, Education and Policy; a Joint MS-Pain Research, Education, and Policy/Master of Acupuncture; Certificates in Advanced Study of Pain Topics; and blended learning. Additional cross-institutional programs are currently in development.

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PREP welcomes many acclaimed lecturers. View videos from past events.

Program Director Dan Carr discusses the goals and vision of the PREP Program in an interview with Practical Pain Management Journal.

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