Master of Science in Development and Regulation of Medicines and Devices

Offering breadth and detail not found in other programs, Tufts University School of Medicine’s Master of Science in Development and Regulation of Medicines and Devices (MS-DRMD) provides a deep and extensive learning experience in the development and regulation of human therapeutics and medical devices, preparing graduates for job opportunities in the biotech, pharma, and life sciences sectors.

The program is tailored for working professionals who want to attend classes on a part-time basis in the evening, and consists of twelve credits to be completed over two academic years. The MS-DRMD Program includes didactic coursework as well as an experiential capstone project.

A life sciences “super cluster” with numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, and diagnostics companies; top-ranked academic research centers; contract services provider organizations; and venture capital, intellectual property, and investment firms, the Boston and Cambridge metropolitan area surrounding Tufts University School of Medicine is an ideal location to attend this degree program.

The MS-DRMD Program is closely aligned with the activities of Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD), the internationally recognized and renowned academic center that develops and provides strategic information to help developers, regulators, and policy makers improve the efficiency and productivity of biomedical innovation.


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Attending the 2014 Conference? Meet Program Director Paul Beninger after his session Drug Safety Essentials on Monday, October 27th at 3:00.

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