20th Anniversary Alumni Reunion (cont'd)

On Saturday, reunion participants had the opportunity to brush up on timely health communication issues by attending several workshops hosted by current faculty. Susan Koch-Weser, ScM, ScD, Assistant Professor of Public Health & Community Medicine (PHCM) and Amy Lischko, DSc, MSPH, Associate Professor of PHCM both of Tufts presented the “Implications of Obamacare for Health Communicators” session which focused on insurance outreach and enrollment, health information, shared decision-making, and public health promotion.

A panel on Health Literacy was moderated by Sabrina Kurtz- Rossi, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of PHCM(Tufts). It featured expert participants and alumna Kristin Erekson (Emerson, 2013), Ellen Langhans (Emerson, 2011), and Claire Berman (Tufts, 2012). Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, Assistant Professor of PHCM (Tufts) moderated a panel on Social Media, and attendees benefited from hearing alumni Ben Grover (Emerson, 2007), Bridgette Collado Hausman (Emerson, 2009), and Lauren Becker (Emerson, 2008) share tips and best practices for working in the digital space.

An awards ceremony luncheon took place at The Ritz-Carlton on Saturday where James Hyde, Professor Emeritus of Public Health Community Medicine and Dr. Scott Ratzan, Founding Directors respectively of the Tufts and Emerson Health Communication programs, reflected on how the programs and field of health communication have evolved over the past twenty years.

In his remarks, Hyde reflected on all of those who contributed so much to the establishment of the Tufts Health Communication program twenty years ago and the very promising prospects for the future of the program given the accomplishments of the graduates over the years.

In addition, three outstanding alumni received awards for their contributions to the program and to the field. Paul Rosenthal (Emerson, 2007) received the Distinguished Service Award for the many students he has mentored and hired over the last ten years. Nicole Holland, DMD, MS’12 (Tufts) was recognized for her work in dental health communication and received the Emerging Leader Award. Ami Schmitz (Emerson, 1998), Senior Medical Producer for NBC News, received the Distinguished Career Award and also delivered the luncheon’s keynote presentation.

“The 20th Anniversary Celebration was a reminder of how each and every one of us are helping to evolve the field of health communication,” said Dr. Lisa Gualtieri. “I left inspired by the conversations I had with alumni and current students. Our program really equips students with the tools and skills they need to do remarkable things.”