20th Anniversary Reunion

On September 19th and 20th, 2014, Tufts University and neighboring Emerson College hosted 181 Health Communication alumni, current students and faculty for a 20th Anniversary Reunion Celebration. “Twenty years is a long time in a field so new” said Aviva Must, PhD, Tufts Dean of Public Health and Professional Degree Programs, "our programs continue to define and meet the training needs for health communication professionals."

The weekend kicked off with a cocktail reception at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Guests enjoyed the stunning views of Boston from the 15th floor while reconnecting and reminiscing with former classmates and professors.

“My favorite part of the Anniversary Celebration was meeting alumni,” said Leah Ettman, current Tufts Health Communication student. “As I prepare to start my career, it was helpful to connect with alumni and learn about the work they’re doing in the field. I feel so lucky to have met many of the alumni and get their insight and advice.”

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Facilitator: Dr. Lisa Gualtieri (TUSM Faculty)

Expert Participants: Benn Grover (Health Care Without Harm, Emerson alumnus), Bridgette Collado Hausman (Eliza Corporation, Emerson alumna), and Lauren Becker (Lahey Health, Emerson alumna)

Description:  Twenty years ago no one knew what social media was but now some people can't live without it. Nonetheless, it is hard to imagine a health communication initiative that doesn't include social media as part of an outreach and engagement strategy. The panelists will discuss their personal experiences with effectively using social media.

Lisa Gualtieri's slides