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As a potential student of the MS-HCOM program, you might be wondering…

Graduates of the MS-HCOM program were once faced with these same questions. In the following interviews, alumni share their experiences with the program to help give you a sense of what it is like to be a Tufts Health Communication student.

  • Joelle Zaslow, '15, who works as a communications specialist for a hospital
  • Sammi Gassel, '15, who works for a digital healthcare marketing firm
  • Ally Carlton-Smith, '14, who works as an editor
  • Heather White, '14, who works as a non-profit coordinator
  • Brianna Lieberman, '13, who works in healthcare marketing for ambulatory service centers
  • Emily Oppenheimer, '13, who works as a program coordinator at a community-based organization targeting health disparities in low-income neighborhoods
  • Jess Geller, '10, who is a doctoral student
  • Xin Lu, '10, who works with a startup company
  • Liz Austin, '09, who works with a federal agency
  • Rachele Manning, '09, who works in healthcare consultancy
  • Sara Rattigan, '09, who works for a state health department
  • Nicole Laws, '09, who works for a healthcare services company
  • Amy Behrens, '08, who works with a communication firm

Check out the FAQ section of this site for more information. If you have any further questions about the program, please contact Margie Skeer, Interim Program Director, by phone at 617-636-2441 or by email at margie.skeer@tufts.edu.

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Alumni Spotlight

Rachele Manning, MS '09
Product Manager at AllOne Health Resources
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