Sue Gallagher, MPH
Program Director
Assistant Professor

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Education: MPH, Boston University School of Public Health; BA, Simmons College

HCOM 525: Seminar in Health Communication/Applied Learning Experience
PH 709: Advocacy for Public Health

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Addressing gaps to reduce injuries to children and adolescents living or working on farms;
  • Addressing risk factors, injuries, and preventive interventions and materials focused on traffic safety and on Latino populations;
  • Evaluating community-based traffic safety and suicide prevention programs;
  • Understanding the evolving field of health communication, training needs, and employment opportunities;
  • Identifying and implementing best practices and policies to address global road safety;
  • Evaluating education materials, messages and policies to reduce heat-related deaths to children in parked cars.

Libby Bradshaw

Y. S. (Libby) Bradshaw, DO, MS
Assistant Professor

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Education: DO, College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery; MS, Health Policy, Planning, and Finance, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and London School of Economics, University of London

HCOM 506: Patient Provider Interaction

Research Interests & Projects:

  • ​Improving health communication related to chronic disability and pain, facilitators to behavioral change and barriers to adherence;
  • Examining communication between medical students and standardized patient educators with disability;
  • ​Identifying factors related to patient empowerment, increased learning, and social support;
  • Utilizing educational change strategies to mobilize curricular, knowledge and attitudinal changes;
  • Serves as Academic Director of Pain, Research, Education, and Policy Program (PREP).

Janet Forrester

Janet Forrester, PhD
Associate Professor

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Education: PhD Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McGill University; MS Parasitology, McGill University; BSc Immunology and Microbiology, University of Western Ontario; BSc Medical Laboratory Science, University of Alberta

HCOM 502: Epidemiology-Biostatistics Reading and Interpreting the Medical Literature

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Nutritional and metabolic effects of illicit drug use, HIV, and hepatitis C infection;
  • Barriers to linkage in HIV and hepatitis C care among illicit drug users;
  • Health disparities;
  • Sanitation and infectious disease transmission in under-resourced settings.

Richard Glickman-Simon, MD
Assistant Professor

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Education: MD, Tufts University School of Medicine; BA, Physics, University of Virginia

HCOM 504: Introduction to Medicine

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Medical education, preventive medicine and evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine;
  • Developing and teaching medical curricula in ethics and professionalism, prevention and public health, behavioral medicine, health care systems and integrative medicine;
  • Teaching courses in clinical and integrative medicine to a variety of graduate, undergraduate and high school students.

Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScM
Assistant Professor

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Education: PhD, Computer Science, Harvard University; ScM, Computer Science, Brown University; BA, Mathematics, University of Massachusetts, Boston

HCOM 506: Online Consumer Health
HCOM 512: Digital Strategies for Health Communication
HCOM 514: Social Media and Health
CH 99: Designing Health Campaigns Using Social Media

Research Interests & Projects: Digital health communication, specifically:

  • Use and impact of wearable activity trackers on underserved, senior, and racial/ethnic minority populations;
  • Use of social media for participant recruitment in clinical trials;
  • Use of social media for health campaigns and social support;
  • Development of digital strategies to enhance the online presence of health organizations;
  • Why people become patient activists and the tools and techniques they employ for outreach.

Linda Hudson, ScD, MSPH
Assistant Professor

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Education: ScD, Public Health, Harvard University; MS, Public Health, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; BA, City University of New York- Hunter College

HCOM 522: Changing Health Behaviors; Healthy People and Communities
​HCOM 536: Health Culture and Communication

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Examining the contribution of social, political and behavioral determinants of health on disparities in health outcomes among vulnerable populations, with a particular focus on chronic disease prevention and detection;
  • Examining the social-ecological influences on recommended health behaviors including barriers and facilitating factors across multiple dimensions: structural, community and individual.

Susan Koch-Weser, ScM, ScD
Assistant Professor

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Education: ScM, ScD, Harvard School of Public Health; BA, Wellesley College

HCOM 522: Changing Health Behaviors; Healthy People and Communities
PH 222: Survey Research Methods

Research Interests & Projects:

  • The development of theory-based communication strategies to address the communication inequalities and knowledge gaps that exacerbate health disparities;
  • The role of community-based agencies in health information dissemination, especially to people with limited health literacy;
  • Consumer healthcare decision-making;
  • A patient navigator project to improve access to services among Asian Americans;
  • Experience in refugee/immigrant health including community surveys of Cambodians in Lowell, Massachusetts and Chinese in Boston’s Chinatown.

Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi, MEd
Assistant Professor

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Education: MEd, Health Education, Boston University; MA, English, Muhlenberg College

HCOM 509: Seminar in Health Literacy
HCOM 522: Changing Health Behaviors; Healthy People and Communities
HCOM 547: Adult Learning Theory
HCOM 517: Health Literacy Leadership Development

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Reducing barriers to health information and services by training health professionals to integrate health literacy and cultural competency interventions to meet the health information needs of all clients, patients and the public;
  • Improving the health literacy of the public by designing health literacy curriculum for use by adult education teachers and learners in English for speakers of other languages classes and other community-based programs;
  • Making learning more accessible to all by developing online teaching tools for both synchronous and asynchronous education including online graduate level education in public health and health communication;
  • Building the capacity of professionals around the globe to address health literacy barriers by facilitating collaboration between health literacy researchers and practitioners and establishing an International Health Literacy Association.

Margie Skeer, ScD, MPH, MSW
Assistant Professor

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Education: ScD, Harvard University School of Public Health; MPH, Boston University School of Public Health; MSW, Boston University School of Social Work

HCOM 522: Changing Health Behaviors; Healthy People and Communities
PH 227: Snort, Swallow, Smoke; Drugs and Behavior

Research Interests:

  • Substance misuse and sexual risk prevention, both from an epidemiologic and intervention-development perspective. A current interest is the role that eating meals together as a family in childhood plays in the prevention of substance misuse and sexual risk among adolescents;
  • Hepatitis and HIV prevention among people who use and inject drugs.


  • NIDA-funded study to assess the acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary efficacy of a brief substance use preventive intervention that targets parents of pre-adolescents;
  • Funding by the Charles H. Hood Foundation to test a measure of family meals as they relate to adolescent risk behaviors and obesity;
  • Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research Developmental Award to develop a pop-culture based intervention for high-risk adolescents to prevent and/or reduce the use of alcohol during the context of sex;
  • Funding from both Tufts Collaborates! and DentaQuest to conduct formative research in order to develop a "meth" use preventive intervention for adolescents in Northern Idaho to be delivered by dental hygienists;
  • Co-Investigator on a study to understand Hep C treatment readiness among young people who inject drugs.

Adjunct Faculty

Lynda Bardfield

Lynda Bardfield
Adjunct Lecturer

Education: BA, Syracuse University; Peace Corps Certification (Brazil)

HCOM 0545: Institute for Social Marketing

Interests & Projects:

  • Applying private sector creative and marketing principles to social and behavior change
  • Translating consumer research into creative strategies and interventions
  • Putting a face on disease and giving the 'hard to reach' a voice
  • Training and mentoring creative professionals as agents of change
  • Global Health Communication, with experience providing technical leadership in over 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, and the Middle East
  • Partnering with clients including Save the Children, USAID, UNFPA, FHI360, MDPH, Helen Keller International, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and Boston College in her role as Chief Creative Officer, Creative Conscience (www.creativeconscience.net)
  • Projects have included award-winning campaigns in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, violence prevention, nutrition, maternal child and newborn health, tobacco control, substance abuse, and chronic disease prevention.

Alia Bucciarelli, MS
Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Education: MS, Tufts University School of Medicine; BA, University of Arizona

HCOM 511: Writing about Health and Medicine
HCOM 513: Writing for Public Health Professionals

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Using narrative, plain language principles, and graphics to create content that is easy to understand and act upon;
  • Writing about transfusion medicine, cellular therapies, chronic kidney disease, quality improvement, and health policy;
  • Editing CME exams for the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dan Childs

Dan Childs
Adjunct Lecturer

Education: MA, Medical Journalism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; BS, Wake Forest University

HCOM 516: Medical Journalism: Mass Media and Public Health Marketing

Research Interests & Projects:

  • ​Over a decade of Communicating issues in medicine to the public via print, radio, television, and internet at local, statewide, national, and international levels;
  • ​Heads ABC News Medical Unit in New York City; previously led ABC News digital health team as health editor of ABCNews.com;
  • ​Before joining ABC News, served as editor of Asia’s first-ever consumer magazine on cosmetic surgery, published in three languages and distributed internationally.

Bill Lancaster
Adjunct Lecturer

Education: BS, Michigan State University

HCOM 544: Professional Communication

Research Interests & Projects:

  • ​Examining evolving news and entertainment content creation and distribution systems;
  • Over 20 years as a documentary film maker, news and entertainment television producer, magazine writer, and public relations consultant;
  • Work has appeared on NBC, CNBC, CBS, MTV, VH1, Bloomberg Business News, USA Network, the Travel Channel, and the Food Network, among other broadcast, cable, and online venues;
  • Most recent documentary, Three times the Violence, is a provocative investigation into the alarming incidence of hate crimes against people with disabilities, and how disability advocates are working to prevent the occurrence of these crimes. It can be seen at http://www.northeastern.edu/brudnickcenter/;
  • Teaches full time in the Department of Communication at Northeastern University.

Bradley Moore, MPH
Adjunct Instructor

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Education: MPH, Tufts University School of Medicine; BA, New College of Florida;

HCOM 515: Mobile Health Design

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Creating mobile apps that provide an interactive learning experience across a variety of health issues, including safe teen driving and preventing college relationship violence;
  • Developing a public health professional development learning series to improve the technological skills and efficiencies of public health staff;
  • Designing a toolkit to help public health agencies measure the evidence-based statuses of their programs;
  • Integrating social media and mobile phone technology into public health campaigns focused on young adults.

Uchenna Ndulue

Uchenna Ndulue, MPH
Adjunct Instructor

Education: MPH, Southern Illinois University; BA, University of Illinois

HCOM 522: Changing Health Behaviors; Healthy People and Communities

Research Interests & Projects:

  • ​Designing, implementing, and evaluating workforce development initiatives designed to increase the diversity of the health workforce with a special emphasis on careers in public health and oral health;
  • ​Designing, implementing, and evaluating adolescent health education with a focus on health equity and the social determinants of health;
  • ​Engaging youth in community based participatory research;
  • ​Exploring historical strategies utilized by the tobacco industry to prevent tobacco control initiatives.

Lisa Paradis

Lisa Paradis, MPH
Adjunct Instructor

Education: MPH, Tufts University School of Medicine; BS, Boston University

HCOM 513: Writing for Public Health Professionals

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Interaction between policy, politics, and economics and related effects on health care delivery and access
  • Use of plain language principles and information design to communicate complex health, science, and policy topics
  • Print and digital content strategy and design for public health advocacy and engagement

Michelle Samplin-Salgado, MPH
Adjunct Professor

Education: MPH, University of Hawaii; BS, University of Arizona

HCOM 508: Technology and Design for Public Health

Research Interests & Projects:

  • Integrating design, technology, communications, and public health to create effective and engaging health communication materials and websites;
  • Increasing capacity of public health professionals to effectively communicate with designers, developers, videographers, printers, photographers, and other creative professionals;
  • Understanding the role of social media to reach communities of color with HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment messages, with a specific focus on Black HIV positive men gay and bisexual men;
  • Managing social media and digital communications for a number of organizations including Santa Clara and Orange Counties in California, AIDs.gov, and federal projects funded by the CDC, HRSA, and DHHS.