In addition to what I learn in my courses, what additional benefits do I receive as a certificate student?

Certificate students may utilize all of the resources that are available to Tufts Public Health and Professional Degree (PHPD) students, many of which are available by phone or internet. These include:

  • enrollment status at Tufts University School of Medicine, which allows full access the Tufts University gym, library, bookstore and more;
  • a monthly advising call where you have a chance to discuss course material and more amongst fellow students and your program advisor, and hear from Tufts faculty members about specific topics, research interests, and studies - a recent call included discussion of socio-environmental disparities and health;
  • PHPD’s Career Services and Career Connector, which offers personal career counseling, monthly professional development webinars, and customizable job search resources;
  • online access to a wide variety of academic journals, and to the educational services provided through the Hirsh Health Sciences Library and librarians;
  • opportunities to network and discuss research and practitioner interests with PHPD faculty outside of the certificate program;
  • a summer orientation and chance to meet your fellow students and faculty in person for further networking and collaboration; and
  • numerous professional development and networking opportunities, including Symposium Scholar Passes to the Annual Connected Health Symposium.
Can I apply for the master's program after taking courses towards the certificate?

2.5 credits earned in the certificate program may be applied to the full Master's of Science in Health Communication. An additional 1 credit may be exempted based on the student's professional experience. For more information, contact Sue Gallagher by email at Sue.Gallagher@tufts.edu or by phone at 617.636.3539.

Can I take the one-week Digital Strategies in Health Communication course online?

The one-week Digital Strategies in Health Communication course is not available online. Spending the week on campus allows you to meet your classmates and faculty, and gives us the opportunity to get to know you.

How are online courses delivered?

Courses are delivered through WebEx, which was chosen for its ability to offer a realistic and interactive virtual classroom experience whereby we are able to see and hear participants from around the world. WebEx sessions take place during a designated class session, and attendance and participation are required. Classes typically take place in the evenings; for current class dates and times, visit the curriculum page.

Is there an orientation when I start the program?

We hold an orientation with dinner during the summer, when all current students are in Boston for Digital Strategies for Health Communication. If you start the certificate program at a different time of year, Lisa is happy to provide orientation by webex or phone; we ask that you still join us at orientation in July.

What if I enroll but can't complete the courses in sequence?

Taking courses out of sequence is not a problem, as long as you are able to complete the program within two years.

How big are classes?

Classes are no more than 20 students, and many are smaller.

How much out-of-class work should I expect?

Generally, for each hour of class time you can expect up to three hours of work.

In addition to my coursework, how will the certificate program help my career?

As a student and alumni of the program, you will have full access to the resources provided by career services, including our job listing website, career connector. In addition, program faculty provide individualized career advice and networking opportunities.

What kind of background do students typically bring to the program?

The majority of students are early- to mid-career professionals. Some are enhancing their undergraduate or graduate degrees, while others are pursuing new career opportunities. 

How do I make payments?

Once you are officially enrolled in courses, you will have the ability to view and make payments to your account via Tufts online Students Information System (SIS).   Additional information regarding the payment process is also sent to new students from the Bursar's office.

Can I have my employer pay for the certificate program?

Check with your human resources office about what your company covers. Many of our students have received full or partial reimbursement from their employers.

How do I apply?

Click on the apply now button at the bottom left of the page to create an account. Once you have done so, select Start a new application. This will prompt you to select application type; choose Public Health and Professional Degree Programs.

Are scholarships available?

A limited number of partial tuition scholarships are available for students working with an underserved population or for a state or local health agency. Please see the Scholarship Application and Guidelines for eligibility requirements and information on how to apply.

Whom should I contact if I have any additional questions about the program?

You can contact Lisa Gualtieri, program director, by phone at 617-636-0438 or by email at Lisa.Gualtieri@tufts.edu.