Upon successful completion of the Digital Health Communication Certificate Program, students will be able to:

  1. ​Apply best practices in technology adoption and use.
  2. Develop and deploy an integrated health communication digital strategy for an organization's web, social media, and mobile presence.
  3. Select the most appropriate web, social media, and mobile communication channels and technologies based on the needs of the target audience and organizational requirements.
  4. Assess audience needs and characteristics to incorporate them into a strategic communication plan and message design, including literacy levels, race/ethnicity, income level, age, and other demographic information.
  5. Determine the most significant competitors and organization has and conduct a competitive analysis to learn from their successes and failures.
  6. Follow and adapt to technology trends that impact an organization's health communication, including shifting demographics of use and risks.
  7. Apply health behavior theory in digital communication.
  8. Plan and conduct an evaluation as part of a communication effort.
  9. Develop skills to research health related topics and write clear, accurate, and audience appropriate content using plain language principles.