Teaching/Research Assistantships

Every semester, there are opportunities for paid Teaching and Research Assistantships, as well as internships, with members of the faculty. If you are interested, please contact Career Services to find out about available openings. Here are a few examples of recent positions:

Nicole Schultz  Teaching Assistant for Digital Strategies for Health Communication (HCOM 512)

Teaching Assistant (TA) Nicole Schultz was first a student in Digital Strategies for Health Communication and then the TA. She says, "Not only is it a true pleasure working with course director Lisa Gualtieri, but this course brings together a unique group of individuals and facilitates compelling discussions to which everyone contributes valuable insight. As such, I am continually learning new and useful information each time I serve as a TA." Nicole is currently pursuing her PhD at Tufts, with a focus on wellness and health behaviors of elementary school employees. The knowledge and tools she gained as an MPH/MS-HCOM student continue to support her in both her doctoral pursuits as well as in her extracurricular work in the health and fitness industry.

Jim Hyde Health Communication Internship

As a student, Sammi Gassel, ‘15, held the Jim Hyde Health Communication Internship. This position included creating articles for the Public Health Rounds newsletter, including featured research articles and alumni interviews, and providing monthly posts for the Tufts Public Health blog, often focused on something timely (such as diabetes for Diabetes Awareness Month.)

One of Sammi’s monthly blog posts focused on biased educational standards around sexual education, and how requirements vary from state to state. “I have cool story about this post,” says Sammi. “My homeroom teacher from high school recently reached out to me via Facebook because she’s in school to be a Physician’s Assistant. She was using a ‘great source she found from Tufts,’ to write a paper about sex education for a public health course and when she went to cite it, discovered that I wrote it. It was so awesome to be cited by someone, and even better that it happened to be an old teacher of mine.”

Tufts University Public Relations Internship

Ryan Kelly's internship is in the public relations department of Tufts University's Boston Campus. The position involves tracking and compiling media clips where Tufts research or faculty have made news and drafting and editing news releases and studies done by Tufts researchers.  Ryan says "my ability to process scientific and medical news and synthesize it into concise summaries has improved dramatically through my time working with this material. I have become a better writer when it comes to communicating technical information to a lay audience, and I have improved as a reader of health and science information as well. These skills have translated well into my coursework, such as in Writing about Health and Medicine and Epi/Bio, and my coursework has helped me in my internship as well. The ability to work part-time while I take classes has provided a mutual benefit to both."

Research Assistant for Professor Margie Skeer
Erica Ballard worked as a Research Assistant and then Senior Research Assistant for Dr. Margie Skeer during her tenure at TUSM. She says, "Working with Margie was my favorite part of attending the HCOM program. My research assistantship allowed me to take the concepts learned in courses and apply them in real world circumstances. I loved that I could tangibly see how one applies research to practice to improve patient and community outcomes.” Erica is currently working as a director of communication at a DC-based non-profit. The skills and knowledge gained as an MS-HCOM student continue to be relevant in her work.