Paul Beninger, MD, MBA (Program Director): Therapeutic Area Head, Global Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology, Genzyme Sanofi; formerly Director, FDA CDRH Medical Device Division 

Paul Beninger, MD, MBA

Positions: Tufts Biopharma Program Director; Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine; Director, MD/MBA & MBS/MBA Programs

Education: MD, University of California, Davis, School of Medicine; MBA, Haub School of Business, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia

Research Interests: Development process of new drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices; pharmacovigilance, including signal management and benefit-risk management; and regulatory science.   view full profile

Kenneth I. Kaitin, PhD: Research Professor and Director, Tufts CSDD, TUSM

Kenneth I. Kaitin, PhD

Director, Tufts CSDD; Professor of Medicine and Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Education: BS, Cornell University; MS and PhD, pharmacology, University of Rochester

Research Interests: Factors that contribute to the slow pace and high cost of pharmaceutical R&D and the impact of efforts to speed the drug development process.   view full profile

Joshua P. Cohen, PhD: Research Assistant Professor, Tufts CSDD, TUSM

Joshua P. Cohen, PhD

Research Associate Professor, CSDD and TUSM

Education: MS and PhD, economics, University of Amsterdam

Research Interests: Patient access to newly approved oncology drugs in US and Europe; clinical, regulatory, and economic challenges facing pharmacogenomics; prescription-to-over-the-counter switches in US and Europe; trends in biosimilar market uptake.   view full profile

Joseph A. DiMasi, PhD: Research Assistant Professor and Director of Economic Analysis, Tufts CSDD, TUSM

Joseph A. DiMasi, PhD

Director of Economic Analysis, Tufts CSDD; Research Associate Professor, TUSM

Education: PhD, economics, Boston College

Research Interests: R&D cost of new drug development, clinical success and phase attrition rates, development and regulatory approval times, the role that pharmacoeconomic evaluations have played in the R&D process, pricing and profitability in the pharmaceutical industry, innovation incentives for pharmaceutical R&D, and changes in the structure and performance of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.   view full profile

Misha Eliasziw, PhD: Associate Professor, Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Misha Eliasziw, PhD

Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Education: PhD, epidemiology and biostatistics, and MSc, statistics, University of Western Ontario

Research Interests: Applying mathematical and probabilistic methods to solve clinical and public health questions through numbers; advancing methodology in the areas of interrater agreement and intrarater reliability studies, which include inferences for the kappa statistic and intraclass correlation coefficient; currently collaborating in studies assessing the benefits of healthy eating and vitamin supplementation in school-age children.  view full profile

Kenneth Getz, MBA: Research Associate Professor and Director of CSDD Sponsored Research, Tufts CSDD, TUSM

Kenneth Getz, MBA

Director of Sponsored Research Programs, CSDD; Research Associate Professor, TUSM

Education: MBA, Northwestern University; BA, Brandeis University

Research Interests: Pharmaceutical R&D management, protocol design complexity, R&D operating efficiency, R&D outsourcing and vendor management, global investigative site management, trends impacting the study conduct landscape, patient participation in clinical research.  view full profile

Christopher-Paul Milne, JD, DVM, MPH: Research Assistant Professor and Director of Research, Tufts CSDD, TUSM

Christopher-Paul Milne, JD, DVM, MPH

Director of Research, Tufts CSDD; Research Assistant Professor, TUSM

Education: MPH, Johns Hopkins University; JD, University of New Hampshire Law School

Research Interests: Innovation efficiency and the globalization of R&D; tracking incentive programs for special patient populations and neglected diseases of the developing world; assessing the impact of emerging regulatory and reimbursement trends, and updating developments in new science and policy initiatives.  view full profile

Marcia M. Boumil, MS, JD, LLM: Associate Professor, Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Marcia M. Boumil, JD, LLM

Associate Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Education: MS, public health, Tufts University; MA, psychology, Boston College; JD, University of Connecticut School of Law; LLM, Columbia University School of Law

Research Interests: Conflicts of interest in academic medicine and legal issues in reproductive health and children’s mental health, particularly privacy issues.  view full profile

Olaf Dammann, MD

Professor of Public Health & Community Medicine, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology, TUSM

Education: MD, Hamburg University; SM, Harvard School of Public Health

Research Interests: The identification of perinatal risk factors for neonatal outcomes, computational systems population modeling, and the philosophy of epidemiology.

Deirdre McCarthy

Deirdre McCarthy

Senior Director and Head, Lifecycle Safety Benefit-Risk Management Services, Quintlies; Adjunct Lecturer, Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Education: MS, Pharmacavigilance, University of Hertfordshire

Chandrasekhar (Nat) Natarajan

  Chief Scientific Officer at ViNa Pharma Consulting, LLC; Adjunct Lecturer, Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Education: BPharm, and his MSc. in Pharmacology, University of Madras, India; MS, Pharmacotherapeutics, Long Island University.

Research Interests: The identification and mitigation of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion (ADME) and Pharmacokinetic (PK) issues for drug candidates within the discovery and development phase.

Daniel Bollag

Daniel Bollag, PhD

Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Adjunct Lecturer, Public Health and Community Medicine, TUSM

Education: PhD, biochemistry, Cornell University; BS, science, Pennsylvania State University; BA, French, Pennsylvania State University

Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen, PE

aVP Medical Device Development, Sanofi US; Global Head Medical Device Development, Sanofi Germany; Head Device Development (PDS), Eli Lilly US; Global Head Field Service, Husky Injection Molding, Canada; Head Field Service, Philips Data Systems, Canada.

Education: BSC. Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto, Graduate work Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto.