Meet the Students

Tufts DRMD Student Karen Andreas

My name is Karen Andreas and I was born and raised in the Boston area and earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology at Colby College. Currently, I manage oncology clinical trials at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge. I am very excited to be a part of Tufts University’s DRMD program and look forward to applying this knowledge to my role at Merrimack. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, reading, traveling and spending time with friends, family and my hound dog.

Tufts DRMD Student Travis Helm

My name is Travis Helm.  I grew up in Princeton, NJ and as an undergraduate attended the University of Rochester where I majored in Biomedical Engineering. Following graduation in 2009, I began my career as a Life Science consultant where I work with a range of pharmaceutical/biotech companies from the smallest single clinical asset company to some of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies. My work to-date has taken me around the world and has exposed me to many of the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry across the clinical, regulatory, commercial and organizational dimensions. In my free time I enjoy working in my garage on my car and hiking with my dog. I hope to use my degree from the DRMD program to not only expand my understanding of the pharmaceutical industry but to also increase my capability to work and problem solve within the clinical environment in an increasingly challenging industry.

Tufts DRMD Student Sara Green

My name is Sara Green, and I’m from the Boston area. I received a BA from Oberlin College in International Studies and Gender Studies. Driven to improve and extend the lives of those living with cancer, I set my sights on a career in drug development. I’ve held various positions the biotech industry since 2009 and obtained a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Investigation for the Boston University School of Medicine. In 2013, I moved into Regulatory Affairs, where I primarily focus on development and registration. The DRMD program has enhanced my knowledge of biopharmaceutical strategy and the scientific/technological frameworks that will shape the future of healthcare. My personal hobbies include reading science fiction, commuting by bike, indie film, and traveling.

Tufts DRMD Student Carolyn Soo

My name is Carolyn Soo, and while I am from New York, I’ve lived in Boston long enough to call it home. I received my Doctor of Pharmacy at Northeastern University and upon graduation, worked as a Senior Investigational Pharmacist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. After a few years of clinical practice, I welcomed the opportunity to start my career within the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past several years, I’ve held various positions within Medical Affairs and currently work in Clinical Operations and Development. I look forward to participating in the Tufts MS-DRMD program. I feel that the spectrum of educational opportunities this program offers will not only help reinforce the principles of pharmaceutical sciences, but allow me to participate in areas of specialization that will suit my professional needs, while considering other possibilities. Some of my personal interests include gardening, cooking, and going to the movies.

Georgi Koshelev

My name is Georgi Koshelev and I am a native of St. Petersburg, Russia. I have been pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry in Regulatory Affairs since 2006. Prior to joining Tufts' DRMD Master of Science program, I obtained a B.A. in North American Studies (St. Petersburg State University) and a M.A. in Political Science (Northeastern University), as well as additional training in chemistry, cellular biology and physiology from Northwestern University in Chicago and Harvard University. My professional experience started in international post-approval regulatory and is now gearing towards early drug development and discovery. The DRMD program was a unique opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the clinical and statistical aspects of regulatory science. This program has widened my perspectives on the biotechnology sector overall - way beyond my narrow functional expertise, offered exciting networking opportunities and forged new friendships.