Dean's Message

Dean of PHPD at Tufts School of Medicine Aviva Must

Aviva Must, Dean of Public Health Programs at TUSM

The world has changed dramatically since Tufts launched its first public health and professional degree program more than 20 years ago. New technologies and biomedical research have given us insights into the nature of disease and revealed the inextricable links between the health of individuals and that of our society, our animal populations, our food supply, and our environment.

Diseases such as H1N1, SARS and avian flu, once confined to remote parts of the globe, now move about freely via airplanes and through bird migration; conversely, health problems of developed nations, such as diabetes and obesity, are emerging as major concerns in developing countries as well. Other challenges in recent years, such as acts of terrorism, antibiotic resistance, natural disasters, food and water shortages in poor and war-torn nations, the health care system crisis, and aging populations, all underscore the need for highly and diversely trained public health professionals.

At Tufts University School of Medicine’s Public Health & Professional Degree Programs, we address these issues from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective and prepare our graduates to solve health problems here in the US and throughout the world. Our combined and dual-degree programs – such as the MD/MPH, MD/MBA, DVM/MPH, MS-Nutrition/MPH, and the JD/MPH – examine public health challenges through many different lenses. Students in our dynamic pain program – the only one like it in the country – learn about cutting-edge thinking about pain management, a growing field in a world where people are living longer, often with chronic pain. 

Our graduates go on to successful careers in medicine, veterinary medicine, business, law, communications, international policy, and government, among other fields. Regardless of their chosen professions, all of our students graduate with a profound commitment toward active citizenship and the breadth and depth of knowledge that are the hallmarks of a Tufts education.

I invite you to learn more about our Public Health & Professional Degree Programs. At Tufts, you will receive a challenging and rewarding education and embark on a career that will make a difference in the world.

Aviva Must, Ph.D.
Dean, Public Health & Professional Degree Programs
Tufts University School of Medicine